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Hello all,
I have a brand spanking new ( literally 10 seconds use) Lincoln Weld Pak 3200 HD mig welder that needs to go. I bought it a month or so ago and another welder fell in my lap so I don't need two. I will personally guarantee the welders condition plus it has a 3 year warranty from lincoln.

Paid 459.00 ( think I still have the reciept)
Will let go for 400.00
Just so no one says woopeedeedo save a whopping 59.00
INcluded will come a big rolling cart, not the cheap one from the factory, 4 spools of wire ( 20.00 per roll), and a cold drink of shine for whoever comes to get it :)


Got some serious welding chores? Then you're going to want a serious welder. Lincoln Electric's Weld-Pak 3200HD handles a huge spectrum of flux-cored or MIG welding jobs -- from auto-body repairs to farm fixes to around the home chores. You just can't buy a 120V welder with a more versatile range! The Weld-Pak 3200HD comes ready to weld mild steel with self-shielded flux-cored wire right out of the box. Also included is virtually everything you need to MIG weld mild steel. Just add a cylinder of shielding gas. Rounding out the package is a welding handshield, instructional video and undercarriage. The convenient mild steel procedure chart inside the wire access door guides you to all the appropriate welder settings for the job at hand. The Weld-Pak 3200HD has a 25-135 amp output and welds up to 5/16 In. steel using flux-cored wire. The unit plugs into a 120V (20 amp) outlet. It comes with a 3 year warranty on parts and labor (90 days warranty on gun and cable).

• Welds up to 5/16 In. steel
• Output range 25-135 Amps DC
• 3-year warranty parts and labor (90 days gun and cable assembly)
• Input voltage: 115 Volts
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