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Hey everyone, well I've got a few questions for you up north, maybe you can help out.
As I go through college I'm contemplating living/working in the Vancouver region afterwards....I've lived all over the world and though I was born in the States and I'm of American nationality, I'm really only living here for school, my immediate family being overseas.

Vancouver got my interest recently because everyone I know (some at UBC) loves it, I know its ranked one of the best places to live in the world, and it just looks like a really nice area. What I want to know is, what kind of job market is there? What is needed, or favored? I'm studying International Affairs (maybe with a minor in geography next year for fun), and I just want to know if that would get me anywhere. I'm sure theres lots of other details involved, visas and what not to live and work there but I'd just like to get a few details...

Also, another reason why I'd like to live there would be to take advantage of the 15 year import rule come post-2008 for the MKIV Supra...I've been to Japan and I have seen how abundant cars are there for cheap, and I'd have to take advantage of that....6 speed hardtop, low miles for half the price or less in the States. Anybody else planning on importing? Let me know your thoughts on the whole thing

Thanks for your help!

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real estate is booming and only going up in price no matter where you buy, even 100km away from the centre of vancouver.

mki'v are rare here

everyone that i know that are visitors say that it's soo green and the mountains are so beautiful, large of course.
I went to Northern alberta and it ws soo flat there and i could see for miles and miles... I wan't used to that having grown up in the lower mainland and seeing mountains and green my whole life.

i will talk more but bedtime, i think you'd love it.
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