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Locked up flywheel?

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I think my car's flywheel might be locked idle with no pressure on the clutch pedal there is a rattle from the clutch area until the clutch is depressed a little and/or the engine is revved up a bit. Anyone know whats causing this? I dont want to try to launch the car until I find out if this is normal or not. Thanks.
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Do a search on how to adjust clutch input shaft. Try doing that procedure first, dont jump to conclusions.
how long has it been since something has been changed in the trans? was a recent clutch job done? how many miles on the car, it sounds like a worn throw out bearing.
if the car drives fine and shifts okay...Id almost guess
its the t/o bearing too.......esp if it goes away with slight
pressure or more on the clutch pedal. But probably on borrowed time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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