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Hello everyone. Been a member here for over 2 years and i guess its time to finally start posting. Im a Toyota Tech in Tampa Florida and am Toyota down to the core.
My 1st car and current project is my 82 TE72 Corolla soon to be JZE75

After pulling my mildly built 3TC i decided on an engine to take its place. After contemplating S series swaps and even coming across a free 2JZGE i decided to go with the best bang for buck upgrade i could think of. I decided to go with a 1JZGTE. And $1975.00 later the complete motorset with R154 trans and everything i was shipped. Long story short im nearing the end of the project. MY baby girl was born monday so its moving a bit slower now but i hope to have it finished by around next month.

Here are some pics

Car in its former glory

No more 3TC

From naganojapanese

Mocking 1JZ into my dealerships failed drag project(i scored the crossmember and manual rack and pinion from this car).

Sitting in my car(literally) All brand new gaskets and seals everywhere and new 2JZ Water pump, Front sump conversion

Now waiting for the rear to be finished (cutting brackets from stock rear end to install on Toyota Truck G code 8 inch rear end)

It looks worse than it is. I have new quarters, tailights and more.
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