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Ok, ok, maybe 500rwhp!!!
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Here's an idea that I'm going to try and work with: What about installing/mounting the amp(s) flushed into the back of the rear seat? I've seen, IIRC, 2 Supras setup like that.

I plan to setup cooling channels with 2 small dc powered fans that come on with the amps. Anyone see a problem with a setup like this?

I figure, that's the only solution I have because of the following:

-My headunit's brain and dsp are going to be secured under the passenger's seat.

-I want the stock apperance in the trunk...carpet, spare, tools, jack, etc.

-You won't see my sub(s) or amps unless you push the rear seat down.


Ok, ok, maybe 500rwhp!!!
1,184 Posts
hey brian,

Got any pics of your new install yet???
Not yet, I'm still "collecting" equipment. I do have pics of my Headunit. I'm still going with my install ideas I posted back in January, but I've changed which components to use.

So far, I have my Eclipse headunit and 8 cd changer installed. I also found and purchased 3 Eclipse 8" Aluminum subs...6 ohm svc wired down into 2 ohms.

I'm still deciding on amps...looking to find a class d with 800-1000watts for the subs and 2/4 channel for the front/rear components.

Currently, my list below is what I have my mind set on:

Eclipse 7002 HU
Eclipse 5083 CD changer
Eclipse 2301 DSP
Eclipse 21010 EQ/preamp balancer
Eclipse 8808.6 x 3 subs
JL Audio 300/4 (I like the tons of features on both JL amps + the sub sonic filter on the 1000/1 is appealing)
JL Audio 1000/1
Focal Polykevlar 165K3 mid/tweet in kick panel, midbass in door
Focal Polykevlar 165k2 in the rear to keep my Son happy :)
Optima Yellow Top Battery
2 Gauge Power Wires
AlumaPro 5 Farad C.A.P.
RAAMmat Extreme (Generic Dynamat Extreme)

I'm pretty much set on what I have listed, except for the amps. Oh, another thing I like about the JL amps is that all the connectiions are done on one side, the bottom, of the amp. It would make adjustments much easier, and it would be (IMO) space saving when you butt the amps up together.
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