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BLKMGK said:
Not so much a full black car as a black interior. Pearl blue looks really sweet as does green. Not terribly picky about color to be honest. The 12volt mod I'd heard was to bump up voltage to the fuel pump I thought?

This is correct - our fuel pumps have a 9 volt and 12 volt mode. For moping around out of boost the fuel pump will stay in 9 volt mode but when the car hits boost, it will switch the pump into 12v mode. There are various reasons why people do this mod (paranoia of the pump failing to switch from 9v to 12v under boost, causing a lean condition and possible engine damage, or if they are running a free fuel cut mod, which prevents the ECU from seeing boost on the turbo pressure sensor, which it uses to invoke when the 9v to 12v switch takes place - to name a few reasons), I did it and will be undoing it because I don't really have a reason to.

Really appreciate the infomation. As you can see, I've got lot's to learn :) Right now I'm checking insurance and amgoing to check with my bank to se if they've got their heads stuffed on market prices. I figure the insurance prices can't be much worse than the FD3 I've got now (*cough*).

I hadn't realized 96 was auto only, I'm not sure if I'd want a stick or auto. It sounds like the autos end up needing some work at higher power levels but I'm not sure how much past BPU I'd really want to go. For a drag race that's probably the better way to go though. I've just got no desire to have all sorts of issues with a complicated trans with little local support, at least replacing a clutch is somewhat intuitive much as I hate doing it. I have a 6speed in my 240Z anyway. The OBD information is very helpful, thank you!

Can anyone tell me when various body changes were made? I thought it was pretty consistant but would like to know when the turn signals moved up to the bumper. With so many having body kits I'm not even positive the factory moved them :) Anything ishould watch out for\avoid? Any known Supra problems?

97-98 had various changes made... the turn signals and head/tail lights being the most significant. The seats were also slightly changed, as well as other minor interior things. For the most part though, the cars in terms of styling have stayed pretty much the same.

As with most Toyota products, the Supra is an extremely well designed and built car which has never had any recall. There are no major issues to look out for, although there are some things to be careful for on modified cars (most importantly, condition of the turbos).

If you need any other advice, I strongly recommend spending a few hours on, I cannot stress how much good info there is on that site.

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