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Looking for a few stock parts

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I posted a thread on the MKIV forum about how the local Toyota shop wanted to charged me 61.97 for the four rubber stoppers on the rear hatch that keep it from rattling. They told me to come to you. I was wondering if you could beet that price. Someone said you got them to them for around $8. If that is that case I want a set, and if you could also check on the price for the Toyota logo that goes on the rear hatch, the side mount intercooler, and brake pads I'd aprieciate it.

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67293-14051 Cushion,lwr List 5.32 Cost 4.00 Ea X 2
67281-14050 Stopper,upper List 11.52 Cost 8.65 Ea X 2
90159-50116 Screw,lwr List 0.63 Cost 0.48 Ea X 4

Shipping Ups Ground 8.50/ No Tax


75314-14010 EMBLEM, FRONT LIST 21.15 COST 15.63
75471-14010 EMBLEM REAR LIST 18.01 COST 13.31
75441-14190 "TOYOTA" LIST 12.49 COST 9.24
75443-14180 "SUPRA TURBO" LIST 18.72 COST 13.84

17940-46070 INTERCOOLER LIST 1338.38 COST 1005.79
04465-14390 PAD KIT, FRT LIST 50.95 COST 38.28
04466-14040 PAD KIT, REAR LIST 50.95 COST 38.28
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