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I didn't want to sacrifice the ride quality and I had all the factory suspension rebuilt and painted.... as I am building a luxury Grand Tourer. Plus I want to keep it fairly stock looking.
Unfortunately over time I have accepted that the stance is just wrong. Way too much room in the wheel wells and especially up front (you can fit a beer can in there and then some).
Looking for a coil over kit with a progressive spring rate from a good brand.
Want to keep the ride as smooth as possible. Street use only.

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Good luck with that. HKS was the only people to do that, and the springs are getting difficult to find.
And they were not meant for really low cars.
The problem is, that when you lower a car, you have less travel for the suspension to dampen before hitting bump stops, so you need stiffer springs & heavier dampening to keep from bottoming out.
Stiffer springs and/or heavier dampening make for a rougher ride, just no way around it.
Also larger diameter rims do the same thing due to less sidewall flex.

With that said, I have played with HKS 7-8k springs up front, and 4-5k springs in the rear, and the ride wasn't too bad.
Here is the list that I compiled over the years of HKS progressive springs:
6k- 2.9?
7k- 3.2?
9k- 4?
10k- 4.4?
11k- 4.8?
14K- 5.6?
They all are 60mm ID x 250mm long.
Any name brand coil-overs that take a that diameter spring will work with them, IF you can find the springs.
They are extremely hard to find any more. I have more packed away than what shows up in Japan.

A better choice is a set of Espiler lowing springs, and Koni yellow adjustable shocks.
Espiler MA70 springs
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