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Looking for complete MKIII fiche....

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Where can I find the complete fiche diagrams for the MKIII, either an online source or a place where I can get a CD? I tried searching here, ebay, and on google, but had no luck. I'm gonna have to order some stuff from the dealership in the coming weeks and this would really help streamline the process. Thanks a million guys... :beerchug:
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No, I'm looking for the exploded views of the car's systems with all the part numbers listed. That site has them, but it's several hundred individual pages. Here's the listing:

I'm looking for one large .pdf or similiar. I'd like to print it all out and stick in a binder. Here's a sample of what I'm looking for.
Man, if you can do that...........oh that would be so cool.........
ah you mean the epc (electronics part catalog)
i have the entire epc on cd. its bout 8yrs old tho so most of the part numbers are out of date. it will give you the correct name for the part and if you call the dealership they can give you the new part number for it. it's on 2 cd's and at work somewhere. i'll see how many mb's it is and maybe upload to my website. if i cant find it my buddy has a copy of it as well. worst case you may be able to call jay marks and request a copy of the "epc". jeff may be able to help you out.
take care
i have the microfiche, and I have printed up all the diagrams.

All of my schematics are contained within two small binders. Before jay marks changed the format of their system, I could just type in any part number on their OEM part search, and it would appear with price, etc.

It also helps with locating ANY component. Parts are listed first by nomenclature, then there is a schematic for each system and subsystem. There is also a part number index with schematics for every component. The book took me about 2 days to make and cost about 15 bucks to print at my local library.
got the complete micro fiche, old and new EPC on CD, '87/'90 TSRM on CD and '89 wiring diagram on CD....
if any of you guys want to share those i can host them on my webpage.

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