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I was wondering if someone in the area wanted to help me drop my rebuilt 7M-GTE back into my supra. The engine is back from the Machine shop and its all assembled and on a stand. All i need help with is to put all the accessories back on the engine including my new clutch and drop the motor back in.

Dissasembly was the easy part, but i'm kinda worried about putting everything back together right.

If anyone wants to help this weekend that would be great. Free beer/food of course. This will be in my garage not outside. :)

If not, i guess i'll be doing it myself so wish me luck! :) I'm planning on doing this on Saturday. With help it shouldn't take too long. I'm still waiting for my BIC DP so we won't be hooking that up... just everything else.

I'm in duluth by the way.

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