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As I prep for installing the Haltech Elite 2500, the Traction Control ECU is being removed - the 2500 handles traction control very nicely apparently. That leaves the T9 and T10 connectors available ...

Can grab the wheel speed signals off T9 very nicely, especially using the BMotorsports connector as the male plug to fit into the T9 harness female plug. But there doesn't seem to be any equivalent for the T10 (90980-11424) connector, and I really want to re-use the S4 Sub-Throttle actuator connector
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Perfect - 6 pins for the drive-by-wire throttle-body that's going in.

In an ugly world one would just cut off the T10 connector and have at it, but I'm trying to preserve the oem harness as much as possible. Since there's no T10 male counterpart, I hunted around for a similar male/female connector set that would take the 1.8 II pins.

No luck so far 馃槩 The Wiring Harness manual doesn't list ANY connectors using 1.8 II pins that have a male and female pair. But that's only for the Supra - I'll bet that there IS a connector set out there of at least 12 pins that uses 1.8 II pins.

How to find it ?

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overcomplicating it :) you can always do flying leads with any connector you want. The trick is to pot the leads into the connector.


it is either going to be a

MAYBE bosch or Denso but highly doubtful as those are now serviced by TE (jr Timer/EV1 connectors etc.)


Check for lots more connectors than BM carries. BM carries lots but corsa much more. Just filter on pin count and start going through the connectors until you get close. Remember family name and you might be able to get the correct keying.

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Hah ! I had actually thought about using Sugru or similar to make my own connector housing :D

Those connectors are most likely Amp TE series (but what is that these days with all the acquisitions) or Yakazi. I've hunted BM and Corsa, no luck.

Meh, much as my OCD wants it to be ... right, I'll wind up just cutting the connector off and making a splice set with a generic 12-pin connector set. Make another little stub set with the T10 to plug into the new 12-pin, just in case in 10 years I or someone wants to go back to stock.
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