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im looking for as much info and as many pics as you guys can throw at me of the 6spd pumpkin, driveshaft and at least the driver side rear axle... as well as the rear independent suspension setup.

ive done a few searches and havent found enough to satisfy what im looking for.

basically just hit me with any measurements of size of each of these items diameters, lengths etc etc.... and maybe bolt patterns for the driveshaft as its not a slip-yoke like the mk3 ....

sites with this info would be great too... thanks guys!

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The only stuff I can think of is off mkiv as well. I figured you might have already looked there.
Just go here

There's a few in there tha might help as well. The drivetrain starts around picture ncf139 so scroll down aways.

pics like these.. not very much in the way of dimensions though...
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