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hi, i posted this in another thread and another member suggested i put it here for a better response.
well i bought an amp off a guy in FL and it didn't work so he told me to send it back for a refund and i did. its been about 3 months an i have no refund. this guy used to work for US Amps but was fired a couple of weeks ago. sounds like he was stealing from the company. his name is Ismael Mailo Collado but he goes by "Milo". i'm not sure of his address because i searched online and saw that the has about 16. i DO have 1 that was on the box that the amp came in but i'm not sure its the right one. i also have a phone # but it goes to his dads house. i already talked to paypal and they can't do anything and they told me to file a police report so i did. i think his former employer also filed a police report so we'll see what happens. if any one knows this person PLEASE let me know. there are about 5 other people out there that i have found that are looking for him.
his e-bay ID is "go-n-korean".
you can find more info on him by going to the forums section of and searching for "milo", "milotronics" or "go-n-korean".
thank you very much for taking the time to read this.
BTW he's in Gainesville.

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Gainesville here, never heard of the kid.
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