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looking for the best single turbo for my 93

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I have a 93 tt that is blowing smoke and i was told that the turbo seals were bad, i ordered an RPS turbo kit. (pos, long story) well now that i got my $$ back i am looking for a single turbo kit for my car. I mostly drive this car on the road and would like to keep the driveability as close to stock as possible, but i want more power. With the RPS kit i would have had to change both of my exhausts.. i am planning on using the stock intercooler (for a while) and i need to keep the option to use the stock exhaust (CA smog)... What do you guys suggest?
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with a stock exhuast you cant do shit!!! u will have to change it when u get a single as it takes a whoel diffrent downpipe. i got a rps kit and i love it. car puts down 500 rwhp and im on stock fuel, intercooler. i did get a vpc and some other goodies but either way look on spending $6500 to get it going cant just get a kit and leave everything alone.
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