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im looking to start a 2jz swap in my 87 stock supra by fall of this year. ive been reading ALL of the 2jz's projects in here and went confused. can anyone out there that knows a 2jz swap or done it already give me some heads up? is it possible for an 87? may i get a list of what i need just to start up a 2jz in my ride? where i can find the engine + accessories? itll be nice to see a 2jz in a 87. its a project to be complete. thanks.

heres what ive found on here so far:
*harness both the 7m and the 2jzgte
*89+ round mount cross members some 89s do have square mounts to beware of it
*turbo headers or manifold for a single turbo
*motor mounts the 2jz
*ecu-either stand alone or 2jzgte
*fuel pump either the tt fuel pump or a walbro 250lb
*elec fans
*hybrid clutch and fly set up
*manual tranny
*blow off valve
*metal headgasket
*engine accessories(starter,altenator,belt,ect..)

anything else???
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