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Looking to buy a Supra?

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Hello everyone i am in search for a tt supra. Just a few questions. First where are a few places to look? i know they are hard to find. 2 what should i look out for? I.E. things that tell what the car has been through? 3 what should a 1996-1998 low mile tt cost? any info will help.

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to giv eyou on an idea of price I am selling my 1998 black six speed with 41,000 considered very low milage for $43,000
but the car is bpued which means( basic performance upgrades)
still has factory warr
hks hard pipe
Blitz BOV
Boost Controle
greedy exhaust
rmm down pipe
greedy bcc
and turbo timer
Blitz rims
and a $k stereo and alarm

just sold a 1994 auto with 78k on it for $24,000

milage is not a big factor on the supras if the person who owned the car took really good care of it
I have owned supras with 100k miles on it that where in better shape then a newer one with 50k miles just depends on how the turbo feels what kind of tranny auto or six speed I preferr auto over six speed alot of the people on this site prefer six speed that is why they are comanding a higher dollar amount which is great for me because I am selling a very rare six speed and can purchase autos at a much better price honestly I think autos are better but you will be purchasing the car and it is really drivers preference....sorry went on and on if you would like more info you can go to when the site comes back on line and all your questions will be answered
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by the way your car looks sweat as hell
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