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I know, wrong section, but my friends looking for a local trade.
He's got a 2nd gen RX-7, that he loves, but just cant afford the gas(he drives 160 miles+ a day) and the $35 per tank for one day is killing him, He'd like to try and get a running supra, MK III, Turbo 5speed, reasonable miles. Car has new paint, and a other list, heres the pictures and his mod list.

HKS Cat back exxhaust system, HKS mega flow intake system, Tokiko 5-way
adjustable suspension, energy suspension poly bushing all the way
around the car. new water pump, new thermostat, all new belts, hoses,
and all vaccume lines under the hood.. new tranny, new clutch, and new
LSD. all service records from the day the car was new 1 owner. any
other questions or concerns please call 678-449-6541

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