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I am wondering what aftermarket upgrades / work needs to be done to get to a power goal of about 350-400 hp on my 7mgte (already has been rebuilt w arp hardware etc.).

Which parts / brands do you recommend?

exhaust manifold?
Boost controller?

Also wondering about any websites to buy better looking hardware for the engine?

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That's right on the upper edge of what can easily be done with 'bolt ons' without changing the stock ECU.

The tried and true version of this would be:

  • Air filter/intake upgrade of choice
  • Lexus 1UZ-FE (1990-1994 LS400 or SC400) mass air sensor housing (larger than 7M-GTE housing, takes 7M-GTE sensor 'allows' 25% airflow increase)
  • Apexi S-AFC or similar Karmann-Vortex compatible mass air sensor output tuning solution
  • 550cc injectors
  • Upgraded fuel pump (Walbro or Denso TT Supra pump)
  • Wideband O2 sensor kit w/ display
  • Boost controller + boost gauge of choice
  • 57 trim upgraded CT-26 turbo (upgraded compressor wheel in a stock turbo housing)
  • Divorced or bellmouth downpipe, high flow cat, and catback.
  • Intercooler upgrade w/hardpipes
  • Upgraded single disc clutch (manual trans) dedicated transmission cooler (auto trans)

Optional but good ideas
  • New radiator, radiator fan, and fan clutch
  • 7M-GE oil filter union bolt w/oil filter relocation kit and full flow oil cooler with a thermostatic housing, use original oil cooler as a power steering fluid cooler
  • Modern coilovers or at least good quality shocks/lowering springs.
  • Refreshed brakes or BBK
  • Wider wheels w/modern performance tires.

During the install process you'll want to eliminate the 'J tube' from the fuel return line as well. An adjustable fuel pressure regulator (AFPR) can help curve overall fuelling up or down as needed, if needed, but is generally not a requirement for this combo.

You'll need to schedule a dyno appointment and tune the SAFC or other chosen piggyback to achieve around 11.5:1 A/F ratios on the wideband when in boost. Having a tuner experienced with these older piggybacks is highly advised. Also ensure your base timing at the Cam Position Sensor is set to 10* BTDC per the Toyota repair manual specs.

Overall this combination will typically make 340whp-375whp depending on the dyno and atmospheric conditions on pump premium. Keep the oil changed, be very mindful of oil level in the pan, and allow the car to fully warm up before beating on it (engine oil does need to be at operating temp for best performance, hence the thermostatic switch being strongly recommended in any oil cooler setup) and you'll enjoy a generally reliable(ish) high 12 second 1/4 mile capable MK3 Supra.

Driftmotion is also an excellent source for almost all of these parts, and they're very, intimately familiar with the 7M-GTE and MK3 Supra.
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