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Brady89 said:
Well me and my friend was cruzing this weekend when a guy in a second gen eclipse pulled up to me at a light.(This is the same eclipse Ive told some of you about) Anways we went and he beat me by about a half a car. I figured since he barely beat me that I would beat him in a little longer race because I was pulling on him hard. I pulled up to him and we went down to a place we race down here in orem, its about a quarter mile,. I was pretty confident so I put twenty bucks down.(thought I would make some quick money) We went and he smoked me off the line, all wheel drive, and had about two cars on me, after that I started to pull on him and was neck to neck to him when he hit NOS(which I didnt know he had) and he pulled on me and beat me by about a car length. Oh well it was fun and it was just twenty bucks THANK GOD. Anways I was suprised how fast them things are someone should of told me that them eclipses can hold there own. I plan on racing him when I get some 550cc injectors, lexus afm, metal headgasket(in the shop now), and about 15psi that should do it.
what are your basic mods?
man, i guess awd really suck at a roll:lol:

-tony v
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