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ok so last night i pulled into a parking spot at wegmans and lost all power. it was rainy out. anyway the last month or 2 my battery has been losing power when it moves (no battery hold down) and last night i went to move it after it lost connection and had nothing. i found that a wire broke right before the ring conector on the postive terminal so in order to get it home i had a buddy connect it to get power to start the car then drove it home. it woundnt idle. so got it home walked away cause i wanted to beat the piss out of the dam thing. so this morning i fixed the power and it still wouldnt idle but it would start under its own power. so i took it for a drive while keep reving it when i stopped cause it would die but i drove it a little at i got it to idle low at at first then i shut it off to go to auto store to buy spark plugs. then it started idling fine so did i get something wet? and it just dried out or is something fucked? also before any of this i never could get full boost like oit would break up like a boost like but on occasions it would get full boost and not break up. so would plugs solve this? these plugs have a lot of miles on them to ohio and home every week since last october.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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