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Here is the most current list of items I have for sale. These were taken from a 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo.

Just acquired these parts today: dark burgandy drivers/passengers sun visors both with mirrors, 7M-GTE AFM with electronics (missing honey come piece), dark burgandy glove box, Left hand driver side switch cluster with cruise/defroster/fog lights/coin holder/dimmer dial, head light washer button, hazard light button, dark burgandy pass door plastic lock piece, dark burgandy rear floor mats, super monitor 7M-GTE ECU--SALE PENDING

the parts below are still for sale:

-87 Turbo automatic ECU
-87 NA automatic ECU
-HAC sensor
-Cruise/defrost/fog light cluster(different
cluster from the one above)
-gauge cluster with SUPER MONITOR
-3 oil caps
-dark burgandy leather back seat (bucket
seat and back support in AWESOME
-dark burgandy leather door inserts, back
seat inserts, back seat side bolster
-Stock Rods (8) Stock pistons (8)
-Stock 440cc injectors---SALE PENDING
-Stock used (but functional) fuel pump
-Stock used(but functional) water pump
-Stock Rotors (all four need to be turned)
-2 3000 Pipes
-2 Stock Fuel Rails
-Stock 87 sawblade wheels (all four)
-Full set of stock cloth seats (in blue) as
well as all cloth panels for the doors and
back seats (in blue)
-Upgraded CT-26 57 trim/10 degree clip,
with 3,000 miles @ stock boost, no

Please E-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested! Thanks! Trev87supraturbo
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