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1,973 horsepower (1,471 kilowatts)
four electric motors capable of generating 493hp (368 kW) each.
70kWh batterry and with all four wheels on accelerative duty
Single-piece carbon fiber monocoque chassis
All the components plugged in it should weigh around 1,680 kilograms(3,704 pounds).
0 to 100km/h
in under 3 seconds
0 to 200km/h in under 6 seconds
0 to 300km/h in under 9 seconds

The hypercar has a targeted range of approximately 250 miles, but more importantly, its battery pack is capable of getting a complete recharge in just nine minutes. That’s almost as quick as a typical fuel stop, but there is a notable catch. It requires an 800kW charger, of which none exist just yet.

350kW chargers are the highest-powered systems currently available, but that can still recharge the Evija to 80 percent capacity in 12 minutes.

130 units




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