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I took my car to a dyno today, and I noticed a difference in boost between 3rd gear pulls on the dyno and WOT runs on the highway. I had my boost controller set to 18psi, according to my previous runs from standing starts and WOT runs. But when I used those numbers on the dyno, they only gave me 15 psi of boost. Just to make sure I wasn't leaking any boost, I floored it on the highway and I did hit my usual 18 psi. Is that difference between 3rd gear pulls on a dyno and dead stop runs normal? The dyno pulls were started at 3,500rpm on 3rd gear in my auto.

Some background:

93 auto
stock torque converter
stock twins
3 row FMIC
-4,+1 cam gears
4" exhaust
HKS twin power
Iridium plugs

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On the highway your car has real loading on it from its full weight, rolling resistance and wind resistance. Plus, a difference in air temp can affect your peak boost substantially, that's why turbo cars are so much stronger on cold days.
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