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I was driving my car today and noticed that the boost was only going up to about 5lbs or a lil; less, what might be the cause for this? I dont have exhasut leaks and I have a clean ait filter and everything, I just dont know. And I did tires today on my car, WTF IS WITH THE RIMS, this made it damn near impossible to freaking mount the tires, they would bead ecept for like 20 percts of it, wouldnt go about the stupid ass top lip of the rim, wtf is that thing for anywhoo? LMK, thanx guys,

The only thing I would suggest if you haven't done it yet, is check you rubber connections on you hardpipe (pipe from intercooler to intake) and make sure they have no holes and are tightened down good. I was running low boost and I checked them and I had holes, then like a month later it started running low again, so I checked and just had to tighten them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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