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Background on my car. It's a 91 turbo with a 7mgte. Bought it with 170,000 miles 5 months ago. It ran great, no CEL's but it was a dog. I have a daily though so I immediately pulled the engine and tore it down for a rebuild. Basically I rebuilt the entire bottom end minus new rods, replaced all engine gaskets, timing belt, and so on. My aftermarket parts after the rebuild include:

Driftmotion intercooler kit
Driftmotion 57 trim ct26
Driftmotion downpipe and 3" catback
Lexus AFM
550cc injectors

Other than those items it was essentially an OEM rebuild.

So as it sits now I have no CEL's but the car does not want to idle. On a cold start it idles at about 500-600 rpm and after a couple of minutes it starts to bog down and die. You have to keep your foot on the gas a little to keep it running. I should mention that the car runs great other than at idle. It drives normal, builds boost, and pulls hard. I'm still running stock boost right now.

Things I've replaced in the last few weeks:

Spark plugs
MAF sensor
All vacuum lines

I've also verified that my timing is set correctly and that my check engine light does in fact work and I've verified that I'm not throwing any codes.

The only thing I can think is that I have a massive air leak but I wouldn't have any idea where. Before anyone asks, yes the bov is currently vented but it does not seem to be the source of any leak that I can tell.

Any ideas? Yes I've searched. Thanks in advance.

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air leak between throttle body and mass air flow sensor assuming your idle speed valve is working, 500 rpm at cold start is way low. do you have a wideband to see if its lean at idle ?

you could test by temporary hooking up your AFM direct to the TB (bypassing the turbo, intercooler, piping etc) and see if it idles when warmed up.

may need to hook up a smoker and see where that leak is
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