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Lowering a 94 Supra TT

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I am planning to lower my car with the Eibach Pro Kit and I still don't know which shocks to get with it, Koni or Tokiko. How hard is it to lower the car? I am planing to do it my self. Do I have to get a camber kit or I can just do an alignment? If you guy's have any suggestions or recomendations please post it.

Thank you for your time.
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I run the KYB AGX 4 way adjustables with my Eibachs. They work nicely. Tokicos have always worked nice for me too. But I have no experience with Koni.

It's a PITA to do the fronts, there is a really long bolt that comes out of the upper A-arm but other than that it's not too bad, it may take you all day if it's your first time though...

This isn't a low dollar compact, it has a fully tuneable suspension so no need for camber kits. The alignment can be adjusted right back to factory specs.
KYB AGX adjustables and then an alignment. Long bolt on the drivers side is a pain the first time, but I put that sucker in the opposite way now. Next time it will be easier. No need to take so much apart.
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