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Chatters, that is good info, thank you!

It sounds like the Eaton Detroit (Locker) Truetrac differential works with the ring and pinion family prior to the MKIV, Z30 Soarer, Z40 Soarer and GS/Aristo if I am understanding your post correctly. Basically the Cressida-Chaser-Mark II / MKIII Supra / IS300 / IS250 / FRS / GT86 diff and ring and pinion family?

I still have not heard of any Truetrac differential being made available for the MKIV's 200mm ring gear let alone the 220mm ring gear.


A few months back I contacted Wavetrac about the possibility of producing one of their gear-type LSDs for the 200mm Toyota differential. Their rep told me that there has been interest in this expressed to them before. Unfortunately that's as far as the conversation went at the time.

There is only one gear-type alternative that I have only recently become aware of which apparently(?) fits and is made for (again, apparently) the MKIV 200mm diff pumpkin and ring gear. I know next to nothing about it other than what the poster in this thread detailed for us. He stated he believes it is a Quaife ATB clone adapted for this 200mm differential system.

I was skeptical about this at first but so far the original poster added some update pictures and communication with the seller whom I take it to be the company that made this "clone" LSD center in an SC/MKIV/GS friendly casing.

It's been a couple of months since the last update. I'm still looking forward to learning if it worked in his car, how well it performs, how much power he's running through it, more about the maker of the clone LSD, etc. I've got many questions since it's an as yet unproven and very crucial part of the driveline. I want to see how well it holds up over time, if it blows up (or hopefully doesn't), if it remains available to purchase, what it's characteristics and feel are like as compared to the old Torsens, various clutch LSDs and other genuine Quaife ATBs, etc.

For me it's still in the category of skeptical curiosity until real world results prove otherwise but I'll wait to see if there is any follow-up.

Interesting. Quife ATB has basically become the go-to differential for time attack EVO's etc over here.
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