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My new Blitz Technospeeds Z1's just arived. I went to the tire place to have them mounted and put on the car. The mounting went well, however, I thought that the wheels came with lug nuts. To my horor, the guy came out and said that the lug nuts were wrong, and that I would need new ones for the wheels.

WHAT SIZE DO I NEED???? The tire guy had no idea. I need your help.

Thanks all.

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Hey Scot i ran into that problem myself few weeks ago when i bought my Kinesis wheels. Anywho i was told by Allen at Kinesis wheels that the lugs should b, 60 degree tapered (the end) and the size is 12mm x 1.5mm thread. U can go to any auto parts place and get them pretty cheap or can order some special,nice one's (can't seem to recall the brand) later on. Don't forget to torque the lugs to 76 ft-lbs though. Good -Choice
;) Regards. Yasir
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