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lug nut size

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whats the correct size of the lug nuts? is it 12 x 1.5? mine are causing problems, they keep coming loose and I dont know why.
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You are correct on the size. Over torqueing maybe?

i dont think over torque would cause it to come loose, at least i never heard of that happening. is it stock lug nuts? aftermarket wheel?
aftermarket wheels. I had a few lug nuts break off while driving, same ones that kept comming loose and one broke off at 50 ft-lbs.

possibly from the tire shop using an impact gun to put them on.

The problem started when these wheels were put on with new lug nuts and an alignment.
Do the wheels fit the hubs snugly? Or do you need Centric rings? Also, are the studs
too long for the nuts (Don't laugh, I'm actually being serious..... lol)? And again, are
the nuts the proper shape for the holes in the rims? Last I saw, there were about 7
different lug nut styles for different types of rims. All having the same diameter and
thread pitch.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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