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So two weeks ago my supra had a bad boost leak so i took the beater infiniti to the runs.

met up with jackie (EvoLuTioN) in his '90T and kicked it for a while. well after teaching him how to brake boost in his auto, we decided to try it out and he lined up against my pos beater g35. well he brake boosted and i let him get the jump as well. so he takes off hard, which was good, except for the fact the i caught him and passed him shortly after. i ended up putting about a bus length between us by 100. smoked that fool.

so later that week me and joe (perf0rmance) installed my FMIC and got rid of the boost leak in the process. so car runs a lot better. didn't have time to tune the emanage, but im still hitting FCO at 12psi anyways, so no 1bar yet.

anyways, after a trip to the ER last weekend, i was feeling good enough to take the supra out this weekend. met up with jackie again, and after watching him beat up on an is300, we lined up again, this time supra vs. supra.

my clutch is slipping, so we went from a slow roll, and i destroyed him. wasn't even close. we were even for a second, but then the roar of the wastgate opening and i left him like he was standing still. so the car is running good even at low boost 0.8bar.

either way i smoked EvoLuTioN in my beater and then even worse in the supra. and this thread is for following me around and posting after every time i post :fawk:

next weekend maybe i'll bring out the scion and see if i can't beat him in that bucket.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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