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Hey all, I just got back from a mission for my church and my sister and bro. in law just moved to the czech republic. He's in charge of a manufacturing operation there and didn't have a chance to sell their vehicles before they left, so the responsibility is left on me. He has a beautiful 2001 CL Type-S with the automatic tranny. It's red with cream leather interior, 6 disk cd changer and many other options. There were problems with the trannies in the early Type-S models and his was replaced under warranty at 75k miles with an updated version of the transmission. He has all maintenance records and used the car for nothing but commuting from McKinney to Dallas, it has about 100k miles on it at this point. We're looking to get around $14,500 for the Acura.
My sister's car is a real beauty, it's a 2000 BMW M Roadster. It has 48k miles and change on it. It's red with a red top and red and black leather sport seats. It has the winter package which includes traction control, heated seats and an insulated top. It has the six speed manual transmission which is absolute butter. The stock stereo has been replaced with a clarion unit, but the car is otherwise stock. Blue book for the M is $20,500, I'm not sure exactly how much she's looking to get, but any offers will be considered.
If you would like to come check out either one, give me a call at (940)383-4455 and ask for Zach. If I'm not at home ask for my dad, Michael. I'll post pics as soon as I can, my sister's car needs a bath.
Post if you have any questions or call me for more information.
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