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OK Went back to the dyno yesterday to finish up a good customer/friends car. Last time on the dyno we ran out of fuel at 24psi with a single bosch 044. He added a second bosch. Everything turned out good this time around except for boost. The gate needs a little more adjustment. I couldn't get more than 27-27.5psi

Anyway here is the car and list
Stock usdm 2j motor
stock head just 264 cams
Old school billet 71mm- 27-27.5psi
rebuilt BL auto tranny
pte 1200cc
2 bosch 044
Tuned by charlie @M&S performance

I think thats it. This was at 27-27.5psi. The wastegate will be adjusted over the weekend and back to the dyno early next week.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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