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Sorry no vid this time.

HAHA I got in trouble for this one.

On the way home from work yesterday a M5 takes some interest in me after hearing my bov. After just messing with him a little, to bait the hook if you will. Running 12 psi I was slowly pulling away, so we catch a light, I switch my boost controller to 15 psi, and I get a call just about the time the other light turns yellow. If was my Girl Friend telling me she was leaving work, I said "Ok, I am gona race bye" and hung up. Light turns green and I hesitate for a split sec to see if he is gona take off hard. Sure enough. So I launch. Little wheel spin but nothing bad, and put probably 3 cars on him by the end of 1st, follow through with 2nd and then slow down to let him catch up. I am now in 3rd just going the speed limit when he attempts a fly by, at the same time my phone is ringing again, and is the GF again, anyway I say hi and down shift in one smooth move, putting some distance on him again and saying "you just got owned" Then I remembered my gf was on the phone and tried to listen to what she was saying but I just couldn't cause the m5 was back. My firend Matt was sitting at my house waiting for me to get home so I couldn't go play with him on the freeway but it was fun anyway.

When I got home he was like "dude you should have heard these cars racing" or something like that. Little did he know I was one of them ;)
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