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This is the original night pager kit from Japan. It comes with these parts:

2 brackets
4 allen metric bolts
4 washers
2 rotor spacers
1 japanese instructions

I bought this for $500 shipped from Japan, to have it replicated. Now that all the replicates are sold, I am selling the original.

I am asking $300 shipped

I also have 2 TT rotors, that were pre-machined to fit to fit the MK3 hub. I paid $89 per rotor, plus shipping. Then I paid $40 each to have the machined exactly to fit on the hub of the MK3 without requiring hubcentric rings.

I'll add these on for $200, if you buy the package above.

$500 shipped for everything

All you would need then is 2 brake lines, and 2 300z calipers, and you will be done.

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Like I said on SM:
Are they still available?, then i'll take 'em, if your willing to ship them to The Netherlands.
Drop me a line to confirm the sale.

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