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Rather then replace broken shroud i mose' well spend a "bit" extra put thermos on:

Costs: (in AUD)

AU falcon *spit* thermo fans $250
(ford part number *FO- ER 8C607 A "FAN AND MOTOR ASSY")

Relay and base $10
Roll of wire $16
Corolla thermo fan switch $55
Foam rubber to seal around fans $22
Kneed it epoxy putty $20
All threed and nuts/washers $3.50
Total $376.50

Still needs a sand and some matt black paint and it will be finished

Also gota put some more foam in here but as you can see its exactly the right width

Wireing has to be run over to the other side, I have hooked them up to the existing condensor fan wireing

note also the RED fan switch this is an 85/90 unit from a corolla/MR2 exactly the same threed and connector (stock one switchs at 95-100 (too hot)

only problem is the corolla one is a normaly closed where as the stock one is normaly open contacts so a relay is required to invert its output

Any questions feel free to ask


Inverter required for thermofan?

Just though that if you swap over the wires at the fan then that would be like an inverted output for the Corolla switch.


Switch over going from 0V->12V


Switch over going from 12V->0V.

Unless my logic is incorrect I take this would do the job.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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