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MAF sensor

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Okay, my MAF sensor on my N/A '95 Supra is not functioning accurately. How do I know? I raced a stock prelude Sh and won by 2 cars, then a week later, raced again and lost by about 4 cars. I also know because Toyota said that was the problem. It also bogs down really bad at about 2,000 rpm's. I was thinking of getting another one, but is there anything I can put there is replace it? I heard the A'Pexi VPC simulates the stock Supra MAF sensor, with a improvement in HP, but I also heard it contols the pressure within the intercooler, which does'nt come on the NON-TURBO supras. Let me know, if yah know. Thanks. Supra Daddy_NA
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You could get a VPC, but you really don't need it. Get another MAF sensor, once you are sure that's your problem. Try Jay Marks, they will be cheapest I'm sure.
I agree, no need for an HKS VPC at over $1000 when you can get the same performance from a new MAF for a fraction of the cost...
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