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Yo. I duck in every now and then to start some shit or ask questions but I've laid pretty low up until now. I bought an aristo 2jz for $950 about 2 years ago. In between school and work its been slow.

Anyway I'm antsy as hell now and so I just started doing everything at once; buying parts, reading the tsrm top to bottom, and working on the car. I started tearing down the engine to get her ready for a rebuild but halfway through I decided against that because thats expensive and may not be needed just yet. Instead I'll just clean the head and get the swap done and worry about a rebuild if i absolutely have to.

Here's Maggot Brain as it stands sorry for the cell pics...

I installed some adjustable cusco coilovers a while ago and I've got a low mileage nur spec exhaust waiting to go on it but I'm considering trading for a quieter tanabe medallion. If anybody's interested lets talk.

Basically I've made a few big purchases:
low mileage jdm twins - $120
4 used slotted and drilled rotors - $200
jza70 intercooler and some piping - $150

along with some other small ones:
turbo timer -
crappy 1jz downpipe(i hope the fitting is right) - $60
usdm 2jzgte fan blade - $60
stage 5 competition clutch - $200
2jzge w58 bellhousing (i'm keeping the w58) - $200

(there's more stuff but i forget.)

I'm going to try and wire this badboy up myself because Dr. tweak is expensive (although probably worth it) but I have no prior wiring experience and in fact I have no prior experience with engine builds so bear with me as I stumble through this. I know how to turn a wrench and I've completed quite a few big projects on this car, a 240 and several BMWs so I'm not a complete noob, I just never done anything so involved as this swap.

fuckit more pics

I started by removing everything on the hot and cold sides

I couldnt get the upper water neck off of the water pump and I don't want to force it out and break something. I'll just wait till I get the crank pulley bolt off so I can take it off with the oil pimp.

this is the engine now

I'm going to leave it alone internally. I'm currently trying to source a gasket kit for the head only. A complete complete gasket kit is $400 average nowadays. they used to be around $300, wtf.

I'm eyeing these ebay kits for all the misc gaskets, and I'll buy a head gasket from driftmotion or something.

Any thoughts?

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looks like a good freshen up, I wouldn't use the head gasket from one of those gasket sets, but thats just me. The others should be fine. Cams could be that color cause they have sat for a while without oil being run over them.

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What was the reason for taking the head off? Since you have it off might as well change the valve seals and everything else in the head.

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look like you got your hands full moe. lmao did you get the twins? you should have by now. give me a call or pm when you can. BTW dont cut corners on the swap cause all its gonna do is piss u off later when you have to redo some shit. oh one more thing only use oem toyota head gaskets. just cause its a mk3 dosent mean it has to behave like one ie. head gasket job

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lol literally as i was lifting the head from the block I thought to myself "...bad idea.", but like i said i was antsy to just start working on the engine doing anything. but its not so bad, i'm learning way more about this engine having gone this route. and yeah valve seals and stuff come with the ebay gasket kit so i'll use all that. except the head gasket.

jermaine whus good son! you're right the harness is a tru bitch. i took pics tho so that should help. but the turbos aint make it yet but i checked it and i think it'll be here in a few hours or tomorrow.

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I've officially run out of money so I am now selling this car and all parts. I have a car sale thread up right now.

Here is a list of the engine and parts that will all be packaged with the car for $2500. As you can see, even without the engine the package is worth more but I need the car gone in a week so lets talk.
Engine (Pics taken during the tear-down):

Cusco Zero 1's - 1k:

Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust - less than 1k on it:

4x Powerslot Slotted and Drilled Rotors:

Stage 5 Competition Clutch - less than 1k:

HKS Turbo Timer, ARP Head Studs, Aristo ECU, & FPR:

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