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I was wondering what are the differences between the Original Brand Front ends and the "good" replicas...?

I ask b/c I know a guy who has the Original Do-Luck front end and another who has a replica of the same style and he told me that the only diff. were that the Replica did not have the holes pre-drill.. But fitting was perfect...

And the price diff was big....

What other diff. are they beside fitting?? The company that this guy bought it from says that they kits are "good" quality and that they do the replicas from the originals...

This is the website...

Any opinions are very appreciated...

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and what else should you look for...?
b/c in my opinion both are made from fiberglass.. and I don't know how much diff there is b/c I have never bought a body kit before...

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Generally (with a few acceptions) replica kits do not fit well, and are wavey have gaps, etc.

In order to make most fit well, it takes a lot of work that (unless you can do it yourself) could cost you just as much as buying the real thing.
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