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So i cleaned my ISCV, car started fine. I turned it off, unplugged the EFI for like 15 seconds and now car will not start. When the keys in it makes the normal beep, but once i try to start it it loses all power it sounds like and makes the beep a real low, boop, type tone. My Main Fuse relay in the fusebox under the hood, is making this really weird poping type noise when i try and start the car. Is that normal? Is there any way i can test it? Oh i did test my battery and it was 12.4 volts and my alternator (alt+ to bat -) tested good too. Please help!!!!!!

EDIT: Wiggled the wires, checked EVERY FUSE, everything looked good. The only thing i havnt done is try to jump the car, but i don't see that helping when the battery is good. Is there anyway to test the fuse/relay itsself? Its the little cylinder thing that says TOYOTA RELAY M4.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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