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im working on completely redoing the engine harness (ecu harness, all the engine wires, ect), in order to diagnose some serious electrical issues ive been having

the main thing i want to replace is the ecu harness, it has several chewed up pins do to many changes that were made over the years...a few sensor clips have broken wires and need to go as well

shopping around for used wiring, it occurred to me i dont really know which years/models i should be looking at parts from...mine is a 93 NA MK4 manual tranny, will the ecu harness from any these work for me?:

- same as mine(ob1) but with Auto tranny
- obd2 MK4 mt/auto
- obd1 sc300 mt/auto
- obd2 sc300 mt/auto

im assuming since they all use the same AEM box, it wouldnt matter but I just want to make sure

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The auto harness would work fine.
Not sure about obd2.
SC300 harnesses have different body plugs, everything else should match.

Also, If you need plugs/pins/wires ETC I have a ton of leftover parts from previous harness work.
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