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Hey everyone I'm new to the supra world and this forum. just brought mine home tonight! It was a fun half hour drive, but very enlightening. I made a mental list of things that need fixing. Oh yeah it is a 1990 NA Auto Hardtop. Has 188000 miles, and I got it for $900.

Here is this the list:

-front bumper has been kind pushed in. no idea what happened.
-right headlight doesn't go down.
-cruise control doesn't work. little light comes on but just doesn't work.
-lumbar switch does nothing, making it a bit uncomfortable
-hatch only opens from inside
-drivers door handle is broke, still workable but barely.
-weird chirping noise in cabin on highway.
-brakes squeal at the stopping point, but no other time
-A/C doesn't work
-Drivers window switch is kinda broke.
-shift stick wobbles from left to right (it is an auto)
-exhaust makes an odd sound...maybe a small hole or leak?
-while driving the front ends kinda feels like it floats left to right. doesn't feel like its pulling either way just floating. Alignment?
-check engine light is on
-air bag light is on
-drivers door very slightly drops when opening. Hinge Pins?
-interior is dirty
-steering wheel is tore up
-previous owner painted it personally with some ugly gray color...Looks like it may have used to be black?

Good stuff:
-it drives
-it has more power than I thought it would
-it was a blast to finally take it home!

So lots of work, but I am so pumped about playing with this car and fixing it. Any advice would be great.

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