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So since I got my supra, the alt wouldnt charge the battery. I had 3 people tell me that my wiring it shot (jesus help me). My hose from my AFM to my turbo was cracked and broken beyound any kind of temp repair. So I got o home depot pick up a 3" to 2" rubber tubing made for pluming, a 45 degree very small pvc pipe and another rubber tubbing thats 2". From this I made a nerw hose that works perfectly, even though i will order a new hose this worked all the way up to full boost and stayed. Along that I used copper pluming supplies to make the inlets for the hoses that run into that hose. While this was drying, I went and looked at all the wiring running to my alt, I found out the plug in the back was half way in (last owners couldnt get it out so they took a flathead to it and bend back metal and such to make it come out, and that the ground wire wasnt grounded. So after grounding my wire and making sure that the plug works, my car now will run off the alt and not have to be charged ever so often and my car now will hold boost and go. I will take some pictures of what I did later, and if anyone wants me to do a writeup on how I did this all just tell me and ill try to provide some pictures of it also.

I'm so uberly happy right now I can drive my car till the gas is gone without having tyo worr about the batteyr dying.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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