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this is for temp meter (used for oil or water)

black - ground
red - 12v ignition source
orange - constatnt 12v (batt)
yellow - illumination light - light source when u turn it on

optional wires >

gray and lt green - connected to external warning device
brown - connected to external led or audiable warning buzzer

SELECT button - when pressed green light will lit, meter is now in peak/hold mode and will store and display meter's highest reading

- when its not pressed the meter will read real time temp

WAR/REST button - to adjust warning level. hold button down while turning the adjustable dial located on back of the meter under the clear plastic cup. meter must be in real time mode in order to adjust the warning level.

to RESET the peak/hold feature. engage the select button then press the RST button,

NOTE: battery disconnected.. meter is reset automatically.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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