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Many questions... please help!

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Hi all,

I have been into car audio for many, many years and feel the bug biting again. I know what types of systems I like... but I don't know what works best in Supras.

I'll tell you what I am looking for...

I like very accurate and tight bass.. no boom set-ups for me. I have had Soundstream SS-12s (iso-baric enclosure) which I loved... and a single Boston Pro 12... which was also a great Sub. But I don't think that the enclosure that I could get (which fills the spare tire are) woud have enough volume for such a large driver. Am I wrong? What other subs should I consider? I've heard great things about A/D/S and JL.

My last set-up had Altec Lansing (carbo fiber cone) seperates. I REALLY liked the warmth of the mids. Again I am looking for accuracy and quality.. not quantity. Everyon seems to rave about the Focals (which I haven't checked out in person). I always liked the A/D/S separates too. Any suggestions? Also what size drivers fit into the door easily? How hard is it to get to the stock tweeter and replace it? Is it worth doing?

I currently have a Nakamichi head unit which I am very happy with and an Adcom 4-channel amp (balanced inputs and line-driver :) ). So from this starting point... give me ideas please. I don't to spend a fortune... but what is the best stuff within reason?

Thanks in advance!
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It depends on what you consider is "within reason"........
For subs I personally like the Eclipse line one below the Titaniums. A sealed box fired at the hatch would be good. Tight, crisp, and loud when you want it.
For subs I personally like the Eclipse line one below the Titaniums. A sealed box fired at the hatch would be good. Tight, crisp, and loud when you want it.
For warm, clean mids the Focals will do an EXCELLENT job as will the MB quart Q series ( about $500 less). Thomas Kenyon has VERY nice mounting rings to mount 6.5" speakers in the MKIV's, I'll be using them when I start my system. I'm not sure about the difficulty of taking out the stock tweeters, but I'm sure it's worth it.

I really haven't decided what within reason is just yet. I don't mind paying for good stuff... but I don't want to spend $$ just for the sake of saying it's the best. I hope that makes sense. There is a point of diminishing returns. I would like to keep the cost of the separates, sub and enclosure around $1,000. Is this possible? I've got all the interconnects and I'm happy with the power/clarity my Adcom amp makes.

I have read about the mounting rings... will these let me mount a 6.5 driver in the door without having to cut any sheet metal, etc.?

I really don't want to have to start modifying the door. I'd rather go with a smaller driver than do that.

Also... Thomas... What can you tell me about the enclosures you make?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for all the responses so far.

Anyone got any GOOD equipment for sale? :)
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i have the alpine flagship 3-way component system and the alpine type-r subs and i love them.

Its your ears.... treat them to whatever they like most, figuring that part out is that hardest thing to do. It will take many hours of listening before you will find the set that tickles your ears.

then the fun part begins in placing them in the vehicle environment. If you are going to use the stock locations, then you will not need to worry about this, but if your building kicks, get ready for another few days of listening.

Don't let ppl just tell you this is the best b/c whatever and what not, this also goes for the install as well. Go and listen to the top ten brands, and begin to narrow it down. Be sure to test it with a barrage of music veriaty. B/c before you spend all of even one penny, their your ears, and if their not happy your not happy.
Ear Candy...

Thanks for the input! You are absolutely right. I just wanted to hear what others have to say so it may save me a little time in my search.

I will definetly listen to everything before I buy!!
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