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Name: Jeff Willis
Location: Cottonwood Heights Utah
Email: [email protected]
Phone: PM
Old trader rating before the site got ruined: 58+

Making room out of the garage with spare parts lying around. Prices include shipping and paypal to the lower 48 states.

1. MAP ECU 3. This will include the harness. Has a tune for a single 6266 kit with 1000cc injectors. Worked beautifully on my setup. $450

2. OBD1 Auto TT ECU worked as it should. SOLD And stock amp $150? I have no idea what these go for:

3. HKS Intake Camshaft. This is a spare that I've always had. The numbers indicate that this is a 264-degree intake cam for the non-VVTI GTE. SOLD

4. 93.5 Steeting wheel with worn-out grip $100.00

1 - 5 of 5 Posts