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Map ecu and OBD2 emissions

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Would the map ecu set off any CEL, if the MAP Ecu is installed and tuned correctly?
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Sorry this isn't addressed to me...but I TOTALLY feel your pain about Illinois emissions, quite irritating...I'll be keeping my car registered in Florida for at least a year while I live in Illinois!

But it really shouldn't throw any codes if it's installed right, similar to the way an S-AFC wont throw codes unless something is connected wrong...or if you choose to remove your downstream O2 sensors (also known as Code 27 - Sub Heated O2)
Anyone from powerhouse racing have any thoughts?
Once again, this has been covered before on this forum and the MAP ECU forum many, many times. The MAP ECU will not cause a CE light unless its installed wrong, and in the case of OBD2 specifically, also unless its tuned wrong. OBD2 tuning of any piggyback requires more careful attention to off-throttle areas of the map, along with idle and low RPM areas where ECU feedback is in closed-loop. Some time on the dyno confirmed by driving time afterward always gets it dialed in.

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