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Master vs Slave cylinder travel distance

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(Still having clutch problems - clutch won't fully disengage)

I just measured the travel distance of my master cylinder rod (moved 1 inch) and the travel distance of my slave cylinder rod (moved 7/16") when the clutch pedal was fully depressed. Does anyone know of those distances are normal? It seems to me like the slave cylinder isn't moving as far as it should. I thought the slave cylinder would move farther than the master cylinder actually. Looking at the clutch, I can just barely see the pressure plate start to pull away from the disc when the pedal is depressed. Just enough for it to turn, but it's still rubbing quite a bit. How much clearance is there supposed to be when the clutch is released? If anyone has a service manual, please check and see if there are any specs on the travel distances of the 2 rods. Thanks.
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