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Max boost on stock supra?

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Hey guys, this is my first post. I just bought a 1993.5 TT Auto. Right now it has n exhaust, downpipe, and intake on it. I was wondering how much boost a stock supra can take, and if its a good idea to knock up the boost, without doing anything else to the motor. And if so, what kind of gains should I expect? And what kind of boost controller would be good to get. Thanks for your responses.
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Please use the search button. These questions have been answered hundreds of times.

18psi seems to be the concensus on what to run. Gains will be large. You'll be around 400rwhp.

Remember...SEARCH BUTTON :)

it all depends on what tubro your running and what gas,

I know for a fact that 3bar and 100 shot make a mess ;)
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