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hey guys..
time to start the meet season again, lots of fun was had @ last years meets, hopfully even more fun this year!!!!
Saturday, May 19th we'll be having the meet @ the normal place, Colt State Park in Bristol, RI.
we'll prolly start meeting up around 12-1pm, doing the usual meet and greet, BBQing, the frisbee will be thrown around some im sure, and just general hanging out.
Later on we can decide as a group what to do, be it Dave & Busters for some food and games, or just crusing around or whatever.
anyone who'd like to hang out, and stay over the night, is more than welcome, we had a GREAT "after meet-meet" at the last NE meet.
EVERYONE is welcome, and BRING A FRIEND! the more the merrier.
hope to see you all there!!!!

for directions, type in 1060 hope st., Bristol, RI into mapquest. there is no address # for colt state park, you'll see two huge bull statues at the entrance tho, its VERY hard to miss...

1 manny & jenn (presure2)
2 dustin & steff (batman722 & hurley97)
3 Jeff & Angel (defgeph)
4 THE HORNIAK!!! aka..john (xitchybx)
5 corey (sliver94celicaowner)
6 stevenson (culpable04)
7 tina +1 (iluvmycelica95)
8 6gcstvt
9 justin (jcarongt4)
10 brandon (massbrandon) 2nd day
11 jeremey (alltracman78)
12 chris (RIalltrac)
13 guarino (mr2oc)
14 the engineer (mr2oc)
15 nuno (mr2oc)
16 derek (black92na)
17 joe (moralwarfare)
18 joe D (panswed)
19 extremeskillz (celicatech)
20 foxSCION (SionLife)
21 menacejean (SionLife)
22 zzzBrett (SionLife)
23 91mrduece (mr2oc)
24 kevin and allie (slvr_celica_gt_816)
25 Shannon and Jim (supershannon77) +2
26 Nate (Nightryder)
27 blitz2 (mr2oc)
28 enjoi926 (mr2oc)
29 erik (supersprynt) NO snafu's allowed!
30 emr2er (mr2oc)
31 MattJP (mr2oc)
32 por2gezcamry (toyotanation)
33 ashes1850
34 daftboy
34 honda eatern(mr2oc)
35 corey (masterdizazter) (mr2oc)
36 aaron (snappa)
37 Jacenbet22 (my.IS)
38 hcirteidnaes (Team ScionNRG)
39 TheScionChef (Team ScionNRG)
40 lauren (LKT315) mr2oc
41 easyc (mr2oc)
42 akjl (mr2oc)
43 91celicaGTkid (toyotanation)
44 jason +1
45 cisco93lude
46 spidermanjay3 (

hope to see some of the supra guys make it out finally!
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