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My friend is having problems with boost creep. So he came over today thought of all the reasons why it could happen.
1. Manifold
2. Wastegate
3. boost controller

So i started with his boost controller its a Manual boost controller. I searched for it but cant find it anywhere. All that comes up are how to hook it up to internal acuators. But there are 2 ports on an external wastegate not one. I am trying to rule this out of reasons hes getting boost creep. Anyone know how to correctly hook up a MBC to an external wastegate??

His set-up is a pte 60-1 with a progate wastegate
His wastegate is pretty silent compared to mine anyone else notice if progates are quite??

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You hook up the MBC to the sideport of the wastegate only, the top port should be left alone. Depending on which MBC, boost source goes to the bottom nipple of the MBC and the side nipple goes to the sideport of the wastegate.


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i would first take the mbc off and run off the wastegate. if it still creeps then it has something to do with the wastegate and/or the manifold design. what mani is he running? if the car holds boost without a mbc, than its obviously the mbc. then you can trouble shoot from there whether its the mbc being hooked up incorrectly or just the mbc just not working.
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